Saturday, 14 March 2009

Pretty Fantastic

You know, back when we Stickamers first started talking about meeting up somewhere I have to confess I really thought there was no way it would happen. We were (and really still are) a small group of people that got on brilliantly and had a lot of laughs, but I expected interest in stickam to dwindle and for everything we had ever talked about concering Stickens would just become another dream... Well, I have never been so happy to be proven so wrong.

We recently had our first anniversary and Stickens is mostly booked with people actually making arrangements rather than just talking about them. It's pretty fantastic the level of commitment people are showing to it.
And tomorrow when I get that deposit cheque and send it off I know that I am going to be buzzing with anticipation until August, at which time I will explode with excitement.

This year is going to be remembered by all those attending as the most awesome year ever and I can not wait to be part of it!


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

What's Going On?

Ah yes, my blog. It has been a while hasn't it. Guess it's time for an update then eh?
Right let's see, what's happened since I last updated... Hmm. Well christmas and new year's have been and gone, and really that's about it.
I really do wish I had something slightly more substantial and infinitely more interesting than the blindingly obvious passing of that which passes every year, but life is kind of slow right now and there's not that much happening.
I have however noticed of late that Tokbox isn't as active as once it was, this could be put down to people returning to school/work/life, the sudden disappearance of Space Boy, and Sylvr's sans internetness; but I suspect a goverment conspiracy...

Ah right, one thing that is happening, hopefully, is Stickens. We have two possible places to have it (thanks to Indie who found them) outside of Edinburgh, and as March is now fast approaching it really would be a good time to get things organised. I'm going to put together a PM/e-mail to send to all those interested in attending (right now it's stickam/tokbox regulars only. The main thing will be getting the money together to get the cottage booked (it's £450 for the week), then we can all concentrate on our travel arrangements. I really do think this meet-up will be a totally awesome and fun filled week so I would really love to see it happen and perhaps become an annual tradition. Anyhow, look out for those PMs/e-mails in the coming week or two.

Hopefully something exciting will happen soon for me to blog about, it very well could because there are still lots of competitions I've entered that I don't know if I've won yet :D

Seeya folks,

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


No dreams tonight,
I can not get to sleep,
I'm really tired.

That was a haiku inspired by a sudden bout of insomnia meaning I didn't get a good sleep yesterday even though I was really tired, and what little sleep I did manage to get was ill met with a cold when I woke up.
I was hoping it was just a one-off and that I would get both an early night and good sleep tonight, but unfortunately I was wrong. And this cold really isn't helping as it just feels like I have too much stuff inside my head, so much so that every now and then some will decide to run out of my nose, which I really hate.
So, after spending a little while in bed hopelessly trying to drift off to sleep I decided to get up, have a bowl of cereal and see what's going on on stickam while listening to some nice chillout music courtesy of Digitally Imported (
It doesn't really seem to be helping though, especially stickam which is being a bit of a pain in the backside as it ejected me from the room with a nonsense error and now when I try to rejoin I get a blank screen rather than the disclaimer and button which would enter me into the room.
Ah well, atleast I managed to get another blog out of it (aswell as a haiku), and had a nice healthy bowl of fruit and fibre, I shall probably try to sleep again in a little while but probably to no avail.
So I shall probably just end up watching a movie and finally drifting off to sleep around the time most people are waking up (which is what time I normally go to bed anyway, atleast when I don't have a "normal" sleeping pattern), it's all very depressing really, all I want to do is sleep - something which requires very little effort - and I just can't do it because for some reason my mind and/or body have decided to be awkward. There's not even really anything playing on my mind that would be keeping me awake, and my mood is one of general contentness, I mean after winning that mouse and today (yesterday) receiving my Jobseeker's Allowance I don't really have much to complain about that I'm not already used to doing so.
Ah well, I'll let you all get back to what you were doing.
I hope you all have an easier time sleeping than I am.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Gratuitous Six

So without further ado, here are the final six haikus that make up my fifty.

something bad happened,
but then i won a cool mouse,
so i didn't care.

did i tell you all,
that i had won a new mouse?
oh i did, okay.

did you win a mouse?
no you didn't ha ha ha,
sorry that was mean.

enough about mice,
or is it perhaps mouses,
who can really say?

twenty-eight inches,
that's how big mine is baby,
i mean my tv.

so this is the end,
fifty haikus completed,
it took long enough.

So there you have it, I hope that you enjoy them, all fifty one.

Saturday, 20 December 2008


Okay, I know I haven't exactly been keeping this blog up to date, and I know I still have to post 6 or 7 more haikus to complete my 50.
But I believe in quality over quantity (which is why it's annoying that Sylvr always seems to update regularly with long posts that are interesting to read. Curse you Sylvr!).
I also don't really have, as I believe I've mentioned before, a very interesting or stuff to write about filled life, and I don't really want to write about being unwell or the fact I'm depressed again for no reason other than I decided to wake up that day.
But, I do want to tell you all that.... I WON A MOUSE! A MOUSE! I WON A MOUSE!
Yep, I WON A MOUSE! in one of the many online competitions I enter, woooooo!
And it's not just a plain old boring cheap mouse, it's a nifty Microsoft Sidewinder laser mouse with adjustable DPI (adjustable on the fly I might add, with a little LED display to tell you how many DPI it's currently set to), and a good sturdy metal scrollwheel aswell as metal side buttons.
This is the first time ever I've won a competition since that time I won a frowning competition in school when I was like 9, and I was only frowning because I didn't know what frowning was which made me frown. It feels good to finally win something, and although it's nothing major - like the lottery - it's still some free stuff I got just for answering a question on a website.
Anyway, that's all I really wanted to say, some other stuff has been happening like my sister leaving her boyfriend, but I won a mouse so that stuff isn't really that important to me right now :D
I might update again before christmas and most probably after it too, we'll just have to wait and see.
Anyway, I'm now going to use my nice new WON mouse to click on Publish Post and unleash this mother upon the unsuspecting online public, so if I don't post again before christmas I hope you have a good one, and remember that christmas isn't just about receiving, it's not just all about giving, or even dumping unwanted puppies into cold fast flowing rivers inside sacks... No, christmas is a time for family and friends, for being grateful for all you've got. It's a time for putting aside all your differences and being nice to eachother no matter how you feel, make hugs not war. So just you all remember that, because if you don't then you may not ever truly be happy. And also remember that a puppy isn't just for christmas, with a bit of luck there'll be some left over for boxing day.
Merry Christmas,

(I really wish I hadn't type that bit about puppies and rivers.)

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Haiku Time, part 3

I like sandwiches,
but only ones made with bread,
i hate rubber ones.

That didn't make sense?
To you perhaps not me,
I know what I meant.

So I cut my hair,
and by cut I mean shaved off,
so now I am bald.

my sentences use,
as you may well have noticed,
Incostistant caps.

I want to write more,
but it's hard to think of stuff,
to haiku about.

It's December soon,
Christmas is fast approaching,
hurrah for presents.

I like to play games,
but some games are a bit poo,
not Limey Lizard.

One word can sum up,
one of the topics tonight:

I am made of spoons,
the wooden kind not metal,
I am tired too.

it's after five now,
6 minutes to be exact,
man that was lucky.

I like to eat eggs,
I could eat them all day long,
but they make me fart.

Just eight more to go,
Then I will have done fifty,
it's taken ages.

Seven to go now,
I'm getting quite excited,
although I am cold.

Stupid winter nights,
I think I said that before,
I can't remember.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Haiku Time, part 2

Rather than append,
I thought I would start again,
So here is part 2.

See what I did there?
If you didn't: look again,
A haiku to start.

I feel good today,
But yesterday I did not,
I had a headache.

It caused me some pain,
But here I am once again,
I hope it don't rain.

The sky is quite dark,
it's not even five o'clock,
I hate winter time.

It never snows here,
not properly anyway,
it hasn't for years.

Oh wow look at that,
the sentences in that one,
they're all the same length.

Oh dear I can't think,
of things to haiku about,
out of steam already.

So I shall stop now,
and get more ideas later,
see you in part three.

Oh I just noticed,
they are only the same length,
in the edit bit.