Saturday, 14 March 2009

Pretty Fantastic

You know, back when we Stickamers first started talking about meeting up somewhere I have to confess I really thought there was no way it would happen. We were (and really still are) a small group of people that got on brilliantly and had a lot of laughs, but I expected interest in stickam to dwindle and for everything we had ever talked about concering Stickens would just become another dream... Well, I have never been so happy to be proven so wrong.

We recently had our first anniversary and Stickens is mostly booked with people actually making arrangements rather than just talking about them. It's pretty fantastic the level of commitment people are showing to it.
And tomorrow when I get that deposit cheque and send it off I know that I am going to be buzzing with anticipation until August, at which time I will explode with excitement.

This year is going to be remembered by all those attending as the most awesome year ever and I can not wait to be part of it!